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What are the services offered?

BuyEssayOnTime.com offers academic writing services. We write essays of different types such as expository essays in which detailed information about a given topic is provided, the argumentative essays that seek to sell an idea to the readers and the narrative essays that entail a well illustrated story by the use of characters and a good plot. We also provide research paper writing services whereby the writers get into a detailed research on the topic question coming up with a well written research paper based on reliable facts. In addition you can get fascinating and unique research topics from our experts. If you do not want to place an order, you can have an online account with us through which you can access the sample papers posted in the website.

Where can I get the application form for the order?

The process of placing an order in our company is simple, fast and affordable. The forms are available in our website free of charge. They are written in a simple language that is easy to understand. When you access the form all you have to do is to enter the information required and then submit it online. The forms are available 24/7 at BuyEssayOnTime.com.

Who writes the ordered papers for me?

When you decide to hire writing services the desire normally to have a professional writing for you. This is exactly what you get at BuyEssayOnTime.com. Our writers have a sound educational background and good preparation to carry out the task successfully. In addition they are specialized in different fields such that your ordered paper is assigned to an expert in that area of study. They are also deeply rooted in professional ethics on academic paper writing hence malpractices are unheard of in our company.

How can I be sure that the delivered paper will meet my expectations?

At BuyEssayOnTime.com the interests of the customer comes first. Thus, the writers seek to provide papers that are in line with your expectations. To facilitate this, when you place an order you are required to submit instructions on how you want the work done. This acts as a guide to the writer handling your order to come up with exactly what you need. In addition, the writer assigned to your paper maintains constant communication with you either through phone, email or live chats for possible clarifications on what you want included in the paper. This is a guarantee that the completed work will meet your specifications and expectations.

Can I submit the paper for academic awards?

BuyEssayOnTime.com as a company considers the written work provided to customers either through orders or online samples are products. Hence the company holds the ownership of the copyright meaning that you cannot submit the papers as your own work. This is illegal and not allowed. However, you can use the materials as a foundation for further research or as a guide to writing a good paper of your own for academic awards. In addition, you can quote statements and paragraphs from the delivered work ensuring that you make the proper citation to acknowledge indeed it is from our product.

What is the cost of a paper?

The cost of writing each paper is a vital concern. At BuyEssayOnTime.com you get the best writing services at affordable rates. Our prices are designed depending on the pages of the papers, the academic level of the paper and the type of writing. Our rates are the best in the market as you end up getting more than what you have paid for in terms of quality. Also, there are factors that might make you to qualify for a discounted cost on the ordered work depending on the bulkiness of the order and frequency of ordering among other factors.

How will I get the completed work delivered?

When you place orders in our company, we request to have your valid email address. When the work is complete, it is wired to you via email. This facilitates instant delivery of the completed work to avoid delays. This is a secure way of having your work delivered as you can download the document and open it using a pass word known only to you.

Do I have a chance to check the work before accepting it?

At BuyEssayOnTime.com, we advise our customers to always go through the completed paper carefully before pressing the approval button. In this case, we make it possible for you to go through the work about to be delivered to you in preview mode. When you are satisfied, you can approve the work meaning that you have accepted it.

How long can I take to approve the work?

Once the writer completes the assignment, the next thing they do is to communicate with you. This works as an alert that the work is ready for your review. Once the document is wired to you, BuyEssayOnTime.com gives an allowance of 14 days within which the work has to be approved. If the 14 days are over before you approve the work, it is taken as an indication of your acceptance and the work is automatically approved.

Can I use a check to pay for the completed work?

We the BuyEssayOnTime.com have an efficient payment system that gives freedom to the majority of the customers to use different mode of payment. It is an online system which is secure and reliable. Therefore, we accept credit cards such as the PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Maestro. However, we do not accept checks and cash payment.

If am not satisfied with the completed paper can I have it revised?

Definitely yes, you can have the work revised. As a company, we offer both free and paid revision of the completed work. If you submit the request to have your work revised before you approve it without changing the initial instructions the revision is carried out free of charge. On the other hand if you request for the revision after approving the work and seven days period has passed, the revision is done at a fee. At BuyEssayOnTime.com we do a keen evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the need for revision in order to safeguard your interests.

How can I know whether the personal information I give will be secure?

It is true that once you place an order in our company or register for an online account with us we need to have some of your personal information. This includes your full name, age, gender, physical address, email address and phone number. We also get a copy of your identity card national or student card, passport and credit card. In order to protect you, we have a privacy policy that gives detailed information about the mechanisms we have in place to safeguard your privacy.