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BuyEssayOnTime.com is firmly grounded on the value of transparency and integrity. Due to this we have come up with an effective money back policy to help us serve our customers better. This policy is all about possible refunds how and when to request for it and the factors surrounding the process. Refunds can be requested due to undelivered ordered work or delayed deliveries, withdraw of the order and unmet expectations. All these are possibilities that are professionally handled by our company’s management team. However, we consider and safeguard the interests of our customers and that of the company. Refunds are handled at two levels before or after the approval of the work. This determines whether you are entitled to full, partial or no refunds at all.

Requests Submitted Prior to Approval

At BuyEssayOnTime.com we consider requests for refunds done before approving the work. There are factors that surround the request that warrant for full refund. If we are unable to assign a writer to handle your order in time, we make full refund to you. Similarly, if you make double payment we do refund the excess amount in full.  However, partial refunds may be made if the work is submitted past the deadlines. However, if the delay of delivery of the work was beyond the company’s control such as invalid email address or lack of cooperation on your side then the refund will not be made.

Requests Submitted Subsequent to Approval

When we receive requests for refunds after you have approved the completed work delivered to you, it becomes difficult for us to settle for a refund. Once you have pressed the approval button it is an indication that you are satisfied with the work thus requests for refunds are not considered at this level. Nevertheless, you can have the work revised so long as you submit the request before seven days are over and without changing the initial instructions that you gave to guide the process. In this case you can benefit from a free of charge revision but not a refund at BuyEssayOnTime.com.

Request for Refund for Lost Work

At BuyEssayOnTime.com, we rely on the email address you provide to us together with other personal information during the ordering process. We encourage our customers to review the email address they give to us and verify it before we begin working on the paper. This is because an invalid email can lead to loss of the completed work during the delivery. When this happens, you may submit a request for a refund to our company. Following the circumstances of an invalid email address, we regret that your refund request will not be honored.

Withdrawal of Orders

When you place an order for a paper to be written in our company, you can withdraw it at will for personal reasons. When this happens before the writer starts to work on your order, we can consider making a refund to you. This means that we check on the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal and the stage at which you make to know whether to provide full, partial or no refund. In any case if you withdraw the order when the completed work is delivered to you with no satisfying reasons then no refunds can be made.

BuyEssayOnTime.com, we care for your welfare!