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Privacy Policy

BuyEssayOnTime.com treasures the information you provide to us during the registration and ordering process. Thus we seek to enlighten you our dear customer the type of information we require from you and how we use it. We acknowledge that the information you entrust to us if vital and sensitive. This is the reason as to why we have come up with working mechanisms to protect the privacy of each customer. When you use our services we get from you details that identifies you and other operating systems that you make use of. At the same time we get instructions and information about the work you want us to do some of which might be sensitive. Here are different aspects of privacy policy;

Personal Information

Before making use of our services online or we start working on your orders, we get some information from you. This includes the details about your identity that includes a copy of your national or student identity card, passport, your official name, age, gender and other relevant personal details. At the same time we need to have a copy of your credit card and its number, email address, phone number both landline and mobile and your physical address have to be submitted to us. All this information is sensitive and it is handled with ultimate care it deserves. In order to safeguard your privacy we do not share this information with the third party outside our company. However, the information is shared with the writer handling your work and the technical team for data processing and hosting.


When you get registered with us, we create an account for you. You get access to your account by login in using a password only known to you thus not available to other online users. You have a right to close the account at any one time when you no longer need our services. Kindly, note that we do retain some of your personal information in our database, in case of arising legal process. We do not allow minors to use our services and these are persons under the age of 18 years. However, they can only use our services with verified consent from their parents or guardian.

Delivered Papers

At BuyEssayOnTime.com, we are guided by the principle of integrity. Thus, we seek to provide original work free from plagiarism. When you place an order for a piece of writing to be done, we do so following your instructions. We hereby wish to assure all our customers that once a paper is written for you it is never published again or a copy of it delivered to another person. In addition, we deliver the completed work via personal email address that you provide to us. The attachment is done safely such that after downloading it you need to use a private password to open it. This guarantees the privacy of your work.

Viable Mechanisms Towards Privacy

In order to make the privacy policy effective, we the BuyEssayOnTime.com, have put in place viable mechanisms in our website. We make use of current model of SSL software to maintain privacy of your data. At the same time we have effective high notch firewall and encryption technology to secure all the customers’ data we have received.

Come to BuyEssayOnTime.com for maximum data privacy!