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BuyEssayOnTime.com is one of the best providers of essays and other academic papers writing services. We believe in delivering quality papers and timely services to all our esteemed customers. We also work on building a good working relationship with our customers right from the time one gets in touch with us all through to when the completed work is delivered. We have an enhanced website that creates a friendly platform for us to interact with the users of the samples posted in our site. In order to maintain this relationship with our customers and to be able to offer best of our services, we have terms and conditions that we seek to introduce to you. They are friendly, easy to understand and follow. Kindly go through them to understand more;

Ordering for Services

At BuyEssayOnTime.com, we welcome orders for papers to be written on different topics using various styles of writing. We have provided application forms in our website which are free of charge. To begin the ordering process, you need to fill in the form correctly giving the information required. We require that you fill in your official name and other details that identify you. The phone number and email address is very important as they help us to constantly communicate with you during the process. Note that any wrong information given is a violation of the terms hence our company will not be liable of any compensation whatsoever.

Cooperation During Assignment

When you place an order with us, we get into an agreement till when the work is completed successfully. However, during the time of assignment, our writers will need to communicate with you frequently through live chats, email or phone. They might need some clarification on the instructions you have given to enable them work on your paper smoothly. In case you become unresponsive without explanations this will be considered as a violation of the agreement. At the same time if constantly keep on changing the instructions to an extent of making it impossible for the writer to work on your paper it is a breach of the agreement and this can lead to termination of the contract by our company.

Free and Paid Revision

Our company has a provision for revision of the work. However, the decision to offer paid or free of charge revision for the completed work solely lies with BuyEssayOnTime.com. Kindly, note that a free of charge revision is granted when the request is submitted before the approval of the work or within seven days after the approval. In this case, the instructions to be followed during the revision have to be the same as the initial ones. On the other hand if the request is made beyond seven days after the approval, the company has no obligation to provide a free of charge revision. Similarly, if you change the instructions to be followed, the company can only do the revision at a fee. If the changes are major, the company has a right to request you to place another order rather than revising your work. In this case, no claims can be made to the company.


BuyEssayOnTime.com has a policy in place that caters for issues related to refunds. The customer has a right to request for the refund based on different reasons. At the same time the decision to give full, partial or no refund is at the discretion of the company. There are conditions that warrant full refunds like in case of double payments for the same piece of work and when the company has no available writer to deliver the job within the set time frame. The company gives partial refund when you withdraw the order in the initial stages of the writing process. Similarly, when the writer delivers the work beyond the deadline a partial refund may be given. However, if you withdraw the order towards the final stages of writing or before approving it without convincing reasons a refund is not granted. In the same way if you are dissatisfied with the delivered work as you need the instructions changed the company will not provide any refund as this will be a breach of agreement.

Using of the Ordered or Online Papers  

At BuyEssayOnTime.com we give access to sample papers on our website for those who have an account with us. We also write academic papers in form of essays of different types, college application essays and research papers. All these are considered as the products of the company. We therefore bring to your attention that the company exclusively owns the copyright. The papers provided to you after an order or as a sample online need to be used as a sample or a guide to you in order to write a quality paper. Also, the papers are to be used as a guide to further research on a given topic or for improvement of a company or projects. You can also quote the phrases, statements and paragraphs of the work provided ensuring that you make proper citations indicating that they are our products. This means that you cannot present the completed papers delivered to you as you own work for academic awards or for any other purpose. If this happens it is a breach of agreement. On the same hand, copying of the samples provided online is illegal.


When you place an order in our company, we require that you settle the payment fully before our writers start working on your papers. In case of huge orders, the company allows for payments in installments which must be completed by the time the writer completes the work. Our payment system is well established and enhanced to facilitate swift online transactions. It is also very secure from any type of scamming or fraud. To make the process easier for you, we accept payments from various credit cards such as the American express, Maestro, PayPal, visa and MasterCard. However, you can get in touch with us to know whether you can use any other credit card. Failure to make the agreed payments delays the processing of the order hence a breach of terms and conditions. Please mark that the company will not be held responsible in case the payment is made to wrong online account.

Effects of the Information Provided

At BuyEssayOnTime.com we provide information online inform of samples and papers delivered to respective customers. We take this chance to inform all our customers both established and potential that they are solely responsible for the decisions they make after interacting with the information provided. Hence the company will not be responsible whatsoever for the damages, costs or losses incurred as a result of personal decisions made based on the materials provided. Please note that neither the writer nor the company can be sued for it.

Court Process

When offering writing services to our customers we acknowledge that it is possible to have issues that might warrant a legal process for them to be settled. We wish to inform that our company is governed by the laws of the land in which our headquarters are. In case of a legal process, the hearing should take place in the courts within the locality of the company. However, should it be fitting that it takes place elsewhere; BuyEssayOnTime.com has an exclusive right to choose the venue of the proceedings.