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Revision Policy

We the BuyEssayOnTime.com, are take pleasure in delivering timely, quality and unique papers to our customers. During the writing process, the writers maintain constant communication with our customers for more guidance and clarification if need be. This is because we rely on instructions provided by our customers in order to provide papers that meet our customer’s specifications. It is a reality that a need for revision may arise due to different reasons. We are always ready to do the revision on completed work to make it ideal to your expectations. However, the revision of the work falls into any of two categories either paid or free of charge. This is determined by several factors that we seek to address through our revision policy.

Request for Revision Before Approval

At BuyEssayOnTime.com we welcome request for revision before you approve the completed work. This is why we have provided a possibility for you to go through the completed piece of work in preview mode in order to take note of issues if any before you approve the work. When you request for revision at this point we guarantee free of charge revision so long as the initial instructions are not changed. Therefore, ensure that you do not press the approval button before verifying that the work is in line with your instructions and expectations.

Request for Revision After Approval

When you submit your request for review after you have approved the work, we are always ready to attend to you. However, if you place the request seven days after approving the completed work we will require you to pay for the revision process.  Thus we advise that when you receive the work in preview mode carefully go through it and approve it if you find it ok for you. When the work is wired to you download it immediately and read through it and in case you spot issues that need revision raise it as soon as possible before seven days are over. This helps us serve you better without inconveniences on either side.

Request for Revision After the Supervisor Rejects the Paper

The request for revision of the completed work after the supervisor in the university rejects the work is not valid. This is because it is illegal for you to submit the work provided from BuyEssayOnTime.com for any academic awards. In this case we do not offer any revision whether paid or free as you will have violated the terms of agreement laid down when you made an order in our company.

Revision Based on Changed Instructions

We BuyEssayOnTime.com attend to requests for revision that requires change of instructions from your side. However, we start the revision process upon payment for it as the writer will have to make structural and content changes in the paper. At the same time, we may require you to place a fresh order for the work especially when there are major changes in the instructions to be followed as this will need fresh research and composition of the paper.


When ordering services with us, you do not have to worry as we take you through the terms and other relevant information that helps us to serve you better without major issues. In addition, we give you possibilities of reviewing the instructions soon after the beginning of the writing process. we the BuyEssayOnTime.com are committed to serving you.